18 year old 25 year old dating I'm 25, is it ok if I date an 18 year old?

18 year old 25 year old dating, about the competition

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I will give you that permission. Once you're an adult it becomes more about life stage and maturity than age. It went on for about 2 years and he finally settled down with someone more his age. I'm not the one who made this up. Some of these forum folks are just dying to criticize someone.

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Now, it doesn't make sense or bother me either. It's legal, she's physically matured.

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Dec 14, 7. Before that point I used to think one of the 24 year old ladies I knew was a bit strange for dating a 17 year old.

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I still look at 18 year olds like kids. You shouldn't even be interested in an 18 year old, you're both at two different stages of life.

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Only if you're incredibly immature and years behind in your maturity. Follow 6 I'm 25 M and interested in a girl at my job who I believe is still I always see people bashing on celebrities that date 18 years old Tyga and Kylie, for 18 year old 25 year old dating But Is it really that disgusting? I'm 25 as well and wouldn't date anyone younger than Legal age, and the law of when ones old enough to consent to anything sexual, are different depending on what country you live in, and I believe it differs by states in the US. Ready to declutter your wardrobe?

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Follow 9 Some people don't agree with it, and you'd be likely to meet some people who wouldn't agree with your relationship. Is an 18 year old girl too young for a 25 year old single dad? Plus guys who are early 20s are dumber than box of rocks.

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I met this guy in my one of my nursing classes in college and he's literally the man of my dreams. BF's visa expired, now he's left the country.

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Who gives a crap really? Makes me sound like a bit of a cougar.: Active Posts in this Forum Hello new to cafe mom and to this group! If she was 15 and customizable online dating software was 25 it'd be weird. Extremely mature for her age because her dad was the only parent and traveled almost non-stop to support them once she could take care of herself.

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