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Will start working on the website now that playin. Who's going to keep updating something every time someone joins or leaves the lobby? Of course on the short term it's better for us to have these derankers grouped together, but on the long term it will only decrease the quality of the games on average.

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These are Main Language and Secondary Language. When players decrease their rank either purposefully or notit's called 'deranking'. We're allowing people to have others join into their lobby. You should take it out. It's not up to anyone to choose what his rank should be, regardless of the reason.

CSGO MatchMaking Lobby-links!

Removed the stat counter as it now brings pop-ups. Me and a friend have been working on a site which will allow dating apparel to post links to your CSGO lobby, including requests such as language and rank, allowing people to join into your lobby. The whole point of an MM ranking is to play with people of your own level not because they chose this level, but because they actually have this level.

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of someone who thinks he's too highly ranked, and wants to derank.

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Adding a lobby Before adding a lobby, you must ensure you have logged into our site through steam. Remember me Forgot password.

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There's a cs go matchmaking lobby guide to deranking here. Lobby leader's rank is now displayed as an image, saving space in the table and easier to recognise their cs go matchmaking lobby.

Everyone needs to remember that if there is no lobbies, don't be afraid to post your own. Sign in to post Please sign in through steam to post your lobby.

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For example if you wanted to downrank, would you rather solo queue and try throw a game yourself, with the chance of; being kicked, reported for griefing, or actually winning a game - or would you rather have a team of 5 people all trying to lose the game?

Merged Language choices 1 and 2 into one column for better spacing.

Struggling to find a 5 stack?

Small changes across the site. Actually, this is a nice thing to do because it means randomers trying to win aren't going to get their games thrown by tards trying to derank.

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The lobby link you gave can be clicked so players can instantly join your lobby, and you can kick them if you don't want to play with them, which is a lot easier than matchmaking into randomly players you don't want to play with. We feel that this can greatly help players who are looking to derank, as you can now find a group of 5 who are willing to quickly lose the game, instead of matchmaking into somebody who is trying to win, which can waste a lot of time.

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I saw similar site playin. Derank Me Where derankers go to get silver.

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Lobbies that are older than 45 minutes are not automatically deleted. As a result, the whole MM ranking system will be affected. With the new release of Prime Matchmaking, we have added the option to select if you have Prime or not. News Matches Results Events.