Cs go matchmaking servers lag MODERATORS

Cs go matchmaking servers lag

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Well true, and that "dying behind the ccorners 0. Couldn't reconnect for minutes.

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Has not happened in the last days though. Its just 40mins of suffering. Has anyone found fix to this? Remember me Forgot password.

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What the fuck is this shit. Go troll cat woman dating else. It appears to be packet loss, but a new IP seems to have fixed it. Live Streams [RU] Virtus.

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Looks like it's fixed alone. I have had something like this for about 2 months, once every few rounds when i see an enemy the game freezes for 1 second, and then i'm dead, really fucked up.

I had that problem in a game yesterday. I think maybe its the server yet noone else is getting it. Doesn't happen in any other server, except valve servers One thing i noticed tho when i had the laggs like autodisconnect warnings every 25 seconds was that i got a lot less laggs when i completely shut down xfire.

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I havent got this bug anywhere else, or even remote similar. Here are some available suggestions. Because player 1 pinging 15ms will never be accurately depicted to the player with ms. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

Two from Mexico and One from Texas. I have had this thing for a month or so now. Valve's having some big issues, stuff's really annoying. It a part of new Lag Compensation worked by Valve. Is that because people's interp?

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It will freeze my game for secs. Thread has been deleted.

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This goes on the whole match and i get some footage. By round 5 it had stopped, I was bringing us into a safe lead, and it started again.

Hence, it should be server related. You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. This is getting stupid.

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Recently I, and some of my friends have valve match making server lag. It doesn't seem to happen cs go matchmaking servers lag I've always tried to use my "movement" to get some peaks, but i always die even if on my screen my whole body is behind the wall. Same lag spikes kept up for the rest of the game, and half the server got dumped again as well.

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Then the server calculates your location ms ago. This is an archived post.