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However, if you dream about having a beautiful Cambodian girlfriend, you should avoid the Karaoke girls and the street hookers and read this article to the very end. If I am brutally honest I would say it is going to fail eventually because 30 years age difference is just too much when the older partner is the dating a cambodian guy. Another option that is still common is being set up by their parents.

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When love is involved, the chemistry in our minds runs amok anyway. As I wrote in my post, the cultural gap is pretty wide and not easily overcome. The clash of cultures of the man and his host country and of which his wife is an integral part will certainly make life somewhat difficult. Another way Cambodian young men and women best friend dating crush is during festivals.

Again, she HAD to be a virgin. I think in Europe we have sex a lot…uh… younger.

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The guy calls their phone number, knowing full well it is a "wrong number" they ask for someone who is not associated with the number. Dating is new to their vocabulary, and preserving their virginity until they get married plays an important role in the Cambodian culture. Saying 'I love you' is easy and often used too lightly. Cambodians have a strange to a foreigner, anyway way of getting to know the opposite sex: Thu, 28 February Making ends meet is hard, and who is the breadwinner anyway?

Why because ur type of girls are too dark, too gangsta, and too masculine for no good reasons, so we all aimed for the beautiful Korean, Japanese and Hmong girls here in Americas. I could not disagree more with you about the women-situation in Cambodia.

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Although, I'm still an adolescent, I agree with most of the part you said. If she adapts to the Cambodian ways more or less completely, they may be fine for some time.

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View my complete profile. There is no economic incentive for him to leave.

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I also assume you are an American. Not all Khmer men will survive living outside of their comfort zones but I guess that says the same about westerners going to live outside of their comfort zones.

I am guy from northern Idaho who has lived mostly in California for last 20 years.