Dating a railroader Dating a railroad man?

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I'm sure if this guy is cheating and I said IF he won't be doing it in this small town. I dated an artist once.

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I would like to know if any one has ideas on related jobs someone could do vs actually running the trains. I am also a rr wife, a part time hairstylist, and a ft sahm it is tough and no one but military and oil riggers and other re wife's understand how we live. The last thing I want to do after a hr day is clean the house when he has been home for nearly a week.

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I dated a lawyer before the guy I am dating now: Flexibility is your friend. James Bond's fight with a rival spy is set aboard the train, Murder on the Orient Expressand When I bring up my feelings. I was so happy to find this on here I'd rather have him every other then to have him gone dating a railroader 9 months again.

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I've been doing this for the last six years. Some railfans feel embarrassed about their hobby, so they prefer not to talk about it outside of the railfan community and hide their passion.

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You are naiive to think that you just fall in love and marry! New to this group.

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Thank you for your positivity! What you can do is be a good listener. So he gets home, crawls into bed with me, then an hour later my alarm is going off, and when I return, he's gone for another trip. What's a good age to start a family?

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One day you are an observer, and the next you are found in the bushes with a camera trying to get the perfect shot of a train to upload to Railpictures.