Dating featherweight sewing machines Featherweight 221 Serial Numbers

Dating featherweight sewing machines, 221 221k 222 222k

The Singer Sewing Machine Company has published the complete list of serial numbers reserved for each production run of the Featherweight.

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The International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society is the premiere sewing machine collector's group. Therefore, the dating featherweight sewing machines dates can be considered to be "close".

Singer says this is amfg'd July 8, -one of the models made betweenthethey say, was mfg'd between When a new production run began for a particular model, several thousand serial numbers were reserved for each model. Previous to '35 they used a single letter but not in alphabetical order -- or baddeleyite dating like it.

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The newer cases have a built-in side shelf for accessories and bobbins, and a place for the foot pedal on the inside of the case cover. Made from to The Singer No 2 was a giant industrial machine with a one-and-a-half-inch-wide flat belt, a dating featherweight sewing machines that no lady and very few men could lift off the ground with ease. All that means is that it shouldn't interfere with radio or T. Your tips and hints are better than any I have read or seen elsewhere. Like Suzy I am rather suspicious about the Singer number dates and also about the 25, daily production -- that's over 7 million a year.

The gold leaf on the machine varies slightly in pattern over the years as well. Very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. The survey has been ongoing since October 15,which is an average of more than 2 surveys submitted per day. Those cards are a marvel!

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The Singer has a fold-up bed which allows the owner to change the bobbin easily, and also makes the machine compact enough to set down into the carrying case. So there we have it.

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This quick and easy method for dating black Singer Featherweights uses only the 2 letter prefix and the first 2 digits of the 6 digit serial number. And there are many serial numbers, mostly the more recent FW's, that Singer is unable to give any estimate of build date on.

Nothing was left half done. Attachments See More "Close Bag".

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That simply means that there were some Featherweights within that group of numbers, but it doesn't indicate with which number the group started or ended or how many machines were involved. One of these has a satin finish.

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I will definitely use the maintenance card to keep my machines in good running condition. There are 68 American and 61 British "birthdates" above. That you can call the Singer company and get the birthdate of yourmachine.