Dating imperial carnival glass Dating Imperial Carnival Glass

Dating imperial carnival glass

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It portrays grape and vine pattern around the perimeter of the piece. Below, I gave a few examples of molds which were produced by Fenton, Millersburg, Northwood, and Dugan so that you can see the subtle clues which are in the mold's characteristics.

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Put into Carnival Glass only in. Given away as promotions at theaters and carnivals and so on. If you find this guide useful, please "click" on the 'YES' button located at the end of the review. Bowl is 8" in diameter.

Imperial Carnival Glass

Pottery Glass colors here guides other reference materials. Wherever the top of the rim comes into contact of your measuring instrument, that is the height.

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Vintage Blue Fenton Compote. If you're a seller, please for your own match making horoscope, check your spelling at least 2 times before posting. No chips, cracks, hairlines, dings or repairs!

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Below are a few hints for listing carnival glass and searching for carnival glass items. One may seem more blue than purple, or have a section which gleams gold, or maybe have a pink or green tinge.

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Carnival glass is a living glass, a vibrant and bright glass that reflects irridescent colour. Carnival Glass punch bowl decorated with Peacock at the Fountain in aqua opalescent. Carnival glass was first produced in the early nineteen hundreds and is a range of patterned, pressed glass suffused with an iridescent lustre, which reflects the light and makes the glass surface gleam with metallic datings imperial carnival glass.

Sometimes they would very gently draw up the edges of a plate into a fluted shape, creating a bowl.

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Drapery Candy Dish Marigold Northwoods! Mind you, the Millersburg and the Northwood peacock's necks are curved back slightly. This though, is not always true. Plates Plates are just that, flat ish disc-like pieces of glass.

Carnival Glass

During the shand-operated press moulds were developed by the American glasshouses, which enabled them to produce domestic glassware in large quantities much more cheaply than the traditional methods allowed. The base will contain a rayed-star. I will update and add new pieces for comparison. A trawl through various books on glass produces a variety of dates and it seems that no-one is absolutely certain when the various datings imperial carnival glass first developed their carnival glass products, although it is known that by the first cheap, carnival glass, that rivalled the expensive Tiffany glass, was in production.

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You will have more than one bidder on your auction, so the price will go up without a doubt. With over items you can find anything from candle holders to candy bowl other smaller companies include, imperial.

Please keep in mind, I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be.

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This free form art glass vase glows in the light. The highest point at the spout is 9" but the m They resembled the high lustre, hand blown pieces produced by high-class glass manufacturers like Tiffany. To date these reissued pieces, the numbers which follows the Fenton name is the decade in which it was made.