Dating in youth ministry 3 Tips About Dating for the Single Pastor

Dating in youth ministry

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This is a fact. Church members become the social circle for ministers because of the time spent with them.

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I have seen people who met online and got married! Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders October 31, Those who we are romantically attracted to are not meant to be objects, they are meant to be windows through which we can see new and different qualities of God.

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They are going to want a mate; God proved it! Maintaining good boundaries not only protects you as a single pastor but your congregation.

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Actually the need to maintain friendships and family is not unique to the married or with kids crowd. My daughter is dating the youth director at a church she attends.

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However, a young, single person can felt taken advantage of because others assume they can put personal needs on the back burner for the sake of church responsibilities.

It was the perfect scenario for pouring his heart out to God. I have heard of youth leaders setting the expectation ahead of time that if they want to date someone from the youth group they are expected to keep attending even if they break up.

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Find those things in God, not a boyfriend or dating in youth ministry. The youth director is definitely acting inappropriately, not just for himself…but also because of his position and influence, representing the church.

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I am loving it!! Duke, I like the questions you ask the students. After a relationship ends, both students are hurting and require your ministry and attention. Maybe the same or younger.

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