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The label wraps entirely around the bottle with much small print about the virtues of this ink and to stir thoroughly. In original grey box.

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Clear ink bottle labeled Mawson's Writing Ink No. Excellent condition box and great graphics in orange, black and white.

Edge of lid rim is rusty. Bottom of bottle is embossed: We also have a number of older ink bottles that still contain useable dating ink bottles pen inks which many fountain pen aficionados prefer over modern day inks. More than just a pretty No connection there, but an interesting person! Base of bottle is embossed: Blue Black, no ink, Illustration of Parker 51 fountain pen on label.

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I am certain that the liquid inside the bottle has degraded and is no longer useful. Ink stain on about half of the outer edge of the cap.

Antique Ink Bottles

There are two small tears at the top corners of label and light black ink stain in top right corner of the label. The larger one has no cap and I mistakingly try to rinse out the ink that was stuck to the datings ink bottles inside of it and it messed up so Big chunks of dried white ink inside bottle.

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Sadly, all that remains of the ink is a little ink dust inside the bottle. Great illustrated label in soft yellow, light and dark blue and metallic gold. There is a few different styles.

Vintage Ink and Ink Bottles - Pendemonium!

This unusual bottle without a SkripWell is truly a collectible! Perfect black, white and red label with cameo in center.

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Dried ink in bottle. Small irregular hole in label about center, lots of wear to the lid. Early Pelikan clear glass bottle with rubber stopper.

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Clear glass 2 ounce square bottle has some green ink dust in the bottle. Waterman's Washable Blue Ink Bottle, ca.

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Most of package is missing, ink cartridge intact. Light shop wear to the edges of the box.

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Figural inkwells such as these are rarely seen. Rarity does not always equate to expensive and these are much less than a Parker 61 fountain pen! Box lid detached and the box is well worn with rough edges.

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