Dating japanese satsuma Satsuma Ware

Dating japanese satsuma, satsuma ware

The Taizan kiln appears to have closed around I believe it's japan? The piece is finely decorated with various multiple scene panels depicting sc Illegible mark which while seems to say Gyokuzan the vase is not in his style.

Here are links to a picture that I took http: The two characters to the right read "Satsuma". You may also find that there are no main markings, only Japanese numbers.

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Hi I am trying to Identify these pieces of oriental pottery. You will quite often see these Kanji on the right hand side of the marking, denoting that the item was "made in Japan" or of Japanese origin. Each has a different mark.

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Pair of vases, "Kyoto Satsuma" style. I would like to know something more about this. I tried to match the dating japanese satsuma on line, but couldn't find one.

Check for the Shimazu crest.

We inherited a teapot and would very much appreciate your help identifying the markings and possibly the time frame when it was made. This is the marking on the bottom.

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Hello, I think my vase is from Fukagawa Red mark above. Hoping you might be of assistance. Does it make any difference in value, if the dating japanese satsuma has only the mark of the distributor, the Suzuki Company?

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Can you help me to indetify it better? I was looking for more information about this http: Late Meiji Click here to see large picture.

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The style of the set is 18thth C. It must be Satsuma and has a stamp, 'Made in Japan' that seems to be under the glaze aslong with the signature.

Baldy Badger March 4, at 5: Reading this literally, you could say that it would mean "Made in Japan by me" with me being the name of the maker. Left and Right If the pieces are a part of a larger display set, the vases or items will often be marked using information as to where in the line-up they should appear.


The Zan marking can also be read or translated sometimes as "san" too. Oops - by the way it's on a Kutani porcelain sleeping cat - a very nicely done one.

Thank you and that makes complete sense.

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A simple circle with a cross through it is the sign of the clan that ruled the Satsuma province in Japan around the time that most of the original items were made. I ready in this Satsuma Moriage Vase is from but still the same question MY vase have T letter engraved, no stamp, no paint. Hello, i'm hoping you may help me to identify a mark