Dating m1 carbine serial number Inland M1 Carbine serial number question

Dating m1 carbine serial number

Helmet liners were produced in great quantities by Inland. How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines.

* All dates and serial numbers are approximate *

It has an Underwood barrel on it, looks like a mixmaster. I would like to see the "sniper" M1 carbine.

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Any help would be most appreciated and I would be wiling to Pm a serial number if someone could tell me the date it was stamped. I would like to piece it together into an M1A1 if I can find some original parts, of course it would not be original but I can try I plan on getting one or two from the CMP when they become available and convert them into standard WWII period M1's.

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Questions should be posted in the appropriate forum. Other contractors were gearing up to manufacture the Carbine and Inland provided most of the tooling and production procedures that would enable the others to begin full production.

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Here is some known shipments to Underwood, how ever there could be more shipments that occurred that are unknown but this is a dating m1 carbine serial number reference. Such "original" Carbines, even in well-used condition, are highly prized by collectors.

Several functions may not work. Those two companies completed their carbine production runs in August, The team Contact us.

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Cant do any harm re-configuring it, as its all differant period parts on it already. So don't get super disappointing if your Carbine is not all matching, its possible its exactly how it was when it left the factory!!!

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Saw one on ebay not too long ago but I dont want to end up getting a fake. Questions should be posted in the appropriate forum. I have an Underwood, SN 1,xxx.