Dating mb 149 Montblanc 146 FP. Identifying date of manufacture.

Dating mb 149

Your's is very slick!

Montblanc 149

At the moment, a circa model in mint condition should easily go for much more than the list price of a brand new example.

The comes from a long line of student pens and would eventually after Montblanc goes all upscale during the s morph into the Classic and then the Generations. The 2-tone has a platinum-plated center and gold edge, while the 3-tone is gold-platinum-gold.

To dating mb 149 matters more complicated, Montblanc does reuse serial numbers they are issued randomly with no discernable patternso two pens with the same serial number could still be genuine. I always go for the 14C's tri-color I personally prefer below or late 90's-onwards tri-color K-nibs. About the part is made of brass and they're still made that way today.

Yours look identically except the grayish ink windows.

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Could you possibly share with us the reasons why you think that is meaningless? He and I have done a couple collections together. While it's a great pen, be wary using it in dating mb 149 lest people think you're "overcompensating" for something. But let's suppose they are made of plastic and ebonite, respectively. Once it has been finalised, I was wondering whether the moderators could place this as a sticky at the top of the forum?

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149

And I'm certain there are errors and inaccuracies. I loved the weight of the Metal Falcon Who will do the caps?

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You could get versions for the and sizes. As you say, boxes can be switched. Hard times don't last, but hard people do. I have been working on a project to teach geography to my students using celestial navigation Identifying date of manufacture.

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Incidentally there was another pen with a 18C tritone that was sold yesterday which I was referring to. Rose Hill Studios My Website. I am guessing that your pen might have been refurbished by MB with modern parts. Many websites, including this one, will look less than optimal and web applications won't run as well as they should.

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I did have some issues with the quote Between 70s and 90s or later, I would prefer the newer ones myself, simply because there's less dating christian singles in australia and tear, and I actually prefer the modern two-tone nib and the brass piston threads. In that ad we don't see the piston knob's threads or the feed.

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Congrats on the cool chart. I hope to update mine tomorrow. For the 75th anniversary of the Meisterstuck line introduced in Montblanc released the Special Edition versions of the Meisterstuck line. It took 10 days from when I put it in the mail to when I got it back