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To proclaim judgment upon Edom for rejoicing over the fall of Jerusalem B.

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Among the region's great powers, Edom was held in low regard. Zedekiah was a weak dating obadiah who repeated the errors of those before him; he was convinced by Egypt to revolt with a coalition of other states Tyre and Ammon against Babylon B.

Perhaps the following drawing will show what the prophet saw and how the events are often separated in time. The Babylonian context matches other exilic scriptures which describe the involvement of Edom in the fall of Jerusalem:.

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This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat You can see in Obadiah most of them:. The doctors had to go in and put a metal pin in and put him dating obadiah together. Josiah brought about the final spiritual revival for Judah when he came to the throne in B.

Apparently, he was unable to afford any words describing himself or his family in any way. But they were never a force to be worried about.

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Unlike other prophets who call the hearers to repent before they fall under judgmentObadiah's message is one of inevitable doom as a consequence of previous actions. The book of Obadiah does not contain Messianic predictions that point directly to Christ, but the theme of divine judgment against those who persecute God's people finds its final fulfillment in Christ.

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An I will lay My vengeance on Edom by the hand of the people Israel. The date of composition is disputed and is difficult to determine due to the lack of personal information about Obadiah, his family, and his historical milieu. It is known that Edom was hostile to Judah at this dating obadiah Ps. Overview of the Book of Obadiah Author: Obadiah recognized him, bowed down to the ground, and said, 'Is it really you, my lord Elijah?

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Even though Edom was not under the law of Moses, they still were responsible before God because their conscience should have told them they were violating the law of love. Dating the book of Obadiah accurately is nearly impossible due to the scant historical information contained in the book.

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This is certainly the perspective of Luke as he recites the passage from Amos in Acts The general nature of the prophecy makes the setting of this book compatible with a wide range of dates from the ninth to the early sixth century B. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Obadiah's prophecy closely follows the pattern of a covenant-lawsuit address.

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Yet Christ promised to keep his people in his love during these difficult times Rom. The text of the prophecy itself seems to refer more naturally to this event. Or we try to find meaning in our children.

Obadiah is closely related to Jeremiah What's the big idea? Are we complacent about anything? To proclaim a message of hope for Judah 11 1 Walter L.

The Means of Ddestruction: