Dating someone straight edge I Drink, But My Guy Doesn't—And We Are Happily In Love

Dating someone straight edge

When I chose to be Straight Edge I found it difficult to date, especially in New York, as many girls here drink and find it odd when a guy doesn't drink.

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I'm studying to take my CPA exams here. Well, I don't have to I just choose to cause I do love her but I feel like if it doesn't get better I might leave her.

But dating a teetotaler has been pretty incredible. But now, she drinks socially. He always says something to this effect: And, most importantly, becuse there aren't any drugs or alcohol in his system, he always says what he means and never says anything he'll later regret. Don't you feel weird if you get drunk in front of him?

He's always my designated driver. So when I first introduced AJ to my parents and he ordered a soda? Does it bother you because you want her to be healthy and not poison herself or does it bother you because she changed?

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You need to find a friend or someone you can stay with so you can focus on your CPA Exams and not dating someone straight edge about this liar. The guy I'm currently dating presented himself as someone who didn't really drink and did not smoke whatsoever. How often I get asked question after question when meeting someone new in a place that serves drinks.

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The only difference is that I dont drink or smoke while I do those activities. The straight edge movement began within the punk scene of the late '70s and early '80s. We get along great, and I love this chick to death.

I dont seem to have the same problems as you guys. If you love your partner and they love you then be open and honest with them. She doesn't understand the negative effects it has on her and I have to deal with it.

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I am not judgmental or pushy about him being a non-drinker, and he doesn't push his lifestyle onto me, either. I love her, with all my heart. Since then, some have taken the straight edge lifestyle a step further by adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet and refraining from pre-marital sex and caffeine.

But if she was full blown dependent on it I could see it not working real quick. I try to eat very healthy and try to be completely poison free when I eat.

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The alohol changes the way she is and the way she acts to a point where I get uncomfortable. I'm 19 btw and we've been together for a year. I told her i didn't want her to be edge cause of me but i couldn't be with something that did that shit, and that is was disrespectful that she would do it knowing i hate it more then anything.

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Being Straight Edge with someone that is not could lead to a difficult dating someone straight edge with some people; I have read instances online of other Edgers that have had to leave partners because they weren't accepting enough or that they didn't completely understand. I don't mind the smoking.

Alcohol doesn't equal fun, after all. Some people can't imagine dating a non-drinker. He was always nice, respectful, coherent, fun, and decent.