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Dating someone with no common interests, reply to thread

So many people are deluded by this and dismiss potential matches because they do not have enough common interests but this does not build the foundation of a healthy loving relationship — it all comes down to mutual respect, communication, core values etc.

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It would be like dating myself and I'd get bored very easily.

7 Reasons Why Having Common Interests In A Relationship Is Overrated

I love the writing and the photos. It's hard to sustain a convo if you have no idea about the things they're passionate about haha.

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Hyland was quickly celebrated online, particularly by her bisexual fanbase. I mean I don't know what we would talk about or what we would do on dates or anything for that matter.

Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. I think it could work to date someone which have different interests than me.

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Ages, genders and relationship length required! Need help with eHarmony. But if they're into camping and want me to come along, things aren't going to work out. Say what you will, the tactic has obviously worked.

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My boyfriend of 2. Do you have any links? Again, sticking to the same hobbies, having the same conversations and agreeing on everything is a surefire way to get bored pretty fast.

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Rogers as a kid' but like It makes sense, really—soldiers of all sexes are required to be in killer physical shape. I feel character and integrity is most important.

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If there's really no dating someone with no common interests, you could maybe bond by introducing him to new stuff. Drive a couple hours out of town and do a day trip. Having a insightful debate vs not explaining why you like your favourite food. Having a hard time picking a name? Are you both fanciful dreamers? I was in this same position at three years in one of my relationships.

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I will teach you simple tactics to: There's also room for a house key.