Dating your brothers friend Can I date my brother's friend?

Dating your brothers friend

Ask A Guy: When Is It Okay To Date Your Brother’s Friend?

What will happen when you break up? Another friend of mine had a very different relationship with his sister.

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What should I do? He promptly replied with: The brother is there for a lifetime.

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Putting my self into the scenario as the brother, if MY sister was dating an old best bud of mine, I don't think it would bother me. Who knows what he will say when he knows you like the same things as him. Ending your relationship with her could potentially end your relationship with your friend. My cousin approved, but I didn't.

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The whole situation was awkward, uncomfortable, and in the end I just got hurt and lost a friend. I hate my brother's wife.

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He will want you! Just make sure that when you decide to date the guy he understands that there are ground rules. Is it ok to date my brother's best friend??

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Give it a shot. We're all about your life dating your brothers friend on Gurl.

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Everyone will wonder where it's going and what happens if it ends badly. You could casually say something like "Hey guys, I'm gonna make myself a cup of coffee and just wanted to know if you would like some. How To Handle Holidating Awkwardness!

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You can tell your brother about your developing relationship with his friend and he should respect your decision, as you are both consenting adults.