Does sookie ever hook up with eric Eric Northman/Season 5

Does sookie ever hook up with eric

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Eric is amused to realize that Pam and Tara have developed feelings for one another. Eric asks Bill why he thinks she would to that.

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Nevertheless, he has come to help Eric survive the next day, bringing multiple silver chains. Pam assures him that she would die a gq rules of dating times before betraying him. Eric only replies "who?

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She says that if he knew what kind of life waited for her, he would turn her. He then gets more silver injected into him.

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Eric is seen in the background cleaning up Nan's bloody mess with vampire speed. Eric says that she is the only one that can get through to Bill. He reassures her that the silver hurts more than taking it off and he will heal quickly.

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Sookie replies she doesn't think so, but her gran tells Sookie to not give him her heart. When they stop and realize, Sookie apologizes and admits that she felt if she makes the right choices, her life would go back to normal. Eric challenges that if she knew the responsibilities of being a Maker, she wouldn't dare ask. Before speaking to them, he holds a type of communion with the blood of Roman, which he takes from his own wrist to symbolize that of Lilith's.

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He tells her to hold the silver and if he does anything to silver him. Eric locates Russell just as he is about to enter a fae hideout where Sookie is taking refuge.

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Salome says that she could quicken that process by being his friend, removing her robes and lying naked on her bed. Eric wakes and finds solace in Sookie's bed. Hesitantly, Eric joins Sookie in his cubby. Eric wanders the streets confused when Sookie pulls up and calls his name.