Gay dating app windows phone 7 Grindr client app Meet’m pulls out of Windows phones

Gay dating app windows phone 7

Turn on your GPS and you'll get to see guys who are close to you, and you can check them out by clicking their profiles.

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It's kind of a pain to use, getting around the app etc. Well, you make a profile with your information and some pictures.

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Why do you think of that? It's actually Porsche rasberry. Else i was literally about to throw my Lumia n get a iPhone 4 out of funds It sure is, Dating online nicknames opinions that is!

Don't forget to give it a star rating.

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So that was how she came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and she apologized for her mistake,and for the pain she caused me and my children. It took grindr several years to get their android app working. I needed a full and complete sentence to comprehend the message that is being delivered. Don't forget to give it a star rating. Wish they had an open beta so I could give feedback.

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However, thanks for keeping up with the support on Windows! Being that WP is my first experience of a smartphone, I've only heard about them before from mates with Android and iPhones.

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Please make it similar to the apps on other platforms. Honestly why not have an app like snap chat but with dating.

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Doesn't mean you've to ban them. And kicks me off. Pocket full of hawthornes.

App Grindr - Gay chat, meet & date APK for Windows Phone

Came here for the comments, was not disappointed. Good app, but the name shows up as "Jack'd - Gay Chat and Dating" which is a bit too much info for guys in the closet. Just download whatever you like on your phone and don't give it to your kids.

Publisher Info Publisher Support. How you gay dating app windows phone 7 the violation and any other useful info.

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The comment cybermoose made wasn't really hatefull and he didn't attack anyone, he also could have meant date apps in general. And, yay for scruff! It would make a nice addition to the platform and help attrack those young twenty somethings. And hopefully it will have better performance than the iOS and Android versions.