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There were no razor serial numbers from until It will help you " guesstimate " which type of Gillette Adjustable razor will shave you better. Full civilian production resumes.

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Men's Adjustable gets long thin handle. How will your shave differ depending on the Adjustable Razor Type you choose? Venus for Women, Mach3 style razor.

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They'll all give you a good starting point to let you know if you want, or need to go more aggressive or more mild. You are using an out of date razor dating.

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B No more lauren branning dating serial 's to It was made this year and in only. SuperSpeedNov 27, Technically it has 9 settings if you count the half-number marks in addition to the actual numbered marks.

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The date code was 'D 1". Gillette is one manufacturer for whom we have information on serial numbers and later date of manufacture codes that we can link to time.

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Super-Speed TTO production ends? I hope to come up with more clarification and will update here as this muddiness clears. In the notched bar was introduced to make the auto-loading of the new dispenser blades easier. Also only year of the 9-settings "Gillette Adjustable" aka "bottom-dial Fat Boy" which some consider to be a prototype. The ZookNov 26, So while very rare, they aren't prototypes.

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I learned a few things myself. Specialized blade production begins for the aforementioned new razor tool offerings of surgeons' knives, chisels, office-knives and twine-cutters. The 50's style also comes in a more aggressive model called the Red Tip. Razors in Canada stamped "Pat.

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This is a work in progress. My takeaways and conclusions are as follows: This corresponds to the razor dating King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence.

SA - Super Adjustable.

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Gillette Adjustables Rarity Guide. This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence.

TV Special this year only.

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Surgeons' knives, chisels, office-knives and twine-cutters have been added to our line during Also, the Executive came with a cream-colored blade "Blue Blades" dispenser and two blade dispensers each sealed in foil with black text printed on each whereas the Executive - same razor - came with a blue-colored blade "Blue Blade" dispenser and two blade dispensers sealed in foil with a picture of the blue dispenser printed on each.

Who knew I was shaving my old face with an antique, then again, the face ain't so new either.

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For example, if you have tried Slim at "9" and it is just not provide a close enough shave, look at the blade gap amount for the Slim at "9". View Cart 0 0.

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