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They also challenge themselves to push past their own comfort zones. I really thought about it and I couldnt add anything more about this High Value Guy!

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You relive every memory. He was a lovely guy and very much the kind of man I would want. High value women are able to demand more, because they are worth more. Thoughtful and well written Stephen!!

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As for the box, i noticed that if you go in without expectations on the first outing, you will be more of yourself having fun, talking about anything without feeling restricted, do funny gestures, laugh. I met him online and there was something about him that made me lean in and go into people pleasing mode.

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I agree with what Ariana said in regards to how crucial and significant the article is, I am marking it too. The cruical mistake is to put people into boxes, we may miss a lot of good parts.

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His statement about becoming independent etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am fully a high value woman, according to the list. As I am sure most women are aware—any quality man has a quality prenup.

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Awareness is the key to your empowerment in your love life. High-value men have de-programmed their teenage skills with regard to romance and sex.

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This is where rotational dating helps high value dating and I talk about this powerful, life-changing concept in great detail in my Attract Your Soulmate program. Clearly men and women must also have a 4th box they use to sort potential mates: For more on how to get women to like you for your personality, high value dating out some of the episodes in the Pickup Podcast Toolbox The second way to avoid shallow women is to pay attention to what she says. Every person is an individual and every situation is unique so no single piece of advice will work for everyone at every time.

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