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This is a joint press release from NB Emergency contact relationship parent, roommate, colleague, other. Yes, as long as both the generating unit and the net metering account s are located within the same distribution zone. Only sustained demands fully register on the meter.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. While we administer this program, NS Power does not design, engineer or install generating systems for its customers. Nova Scotia Power must receive payment by the due date in order to avoid interest charges. It is easy, convenient and secure. This deposit is to be held by the Company as security for the payment of its bills.

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These technical details can be found in the interconnection guidelines document. Please give ten days notice to allow Nova Scotia Power to disconnect your power or change to a new address.

Customer Service

Do you require a deposit to connect a new service? Billing mailing address is the same as service civic address. Please note, your bill may not show payments made less than 10 days before the billing date.

Your cottage meter is read only in the summer. Demand is often measured in kilowatts kW.

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In order to open a new account for you, Nova Scotia Power requires an acceptable payment history or credit history, or a security deposit. Call us, or visit our website, for the locations nearest you.

Interest and NSF charges.

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The size of the panel was determined by the electrical load in the home at the time of installation. Demand is the rate at which electricity is being used at a given time.

Demand charge is the amount that general service and industrial customers pay Nova Scotia Power to cover the cost of building and maintaining the generation, transmission and distribution capacity to meet their maximum demand for electricity. It can be reconnected to our hook up nova scotia power system only after it has been restored and stabilized. Please ensure Nova Scotia Power has access to your meter at these times so that we may perform the required service.

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Meter readings determine the amount of electricity you have used. Request A Line Rebate If you made a payment to build a power line extension in order to receive electric service, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for a portion of your installation cost when a new customer is permanently connected to that power line.

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Kilowatt kW is bluebird cafe speed dating unit of power. There is a charge to hook up new hook up nova scotia power, move service from one location to another, and to change the name on a power bill.

How do I pay my bill? We aim to complete tree trimming requests within If you use more electricity than you generate, you still draw from the grid as needed and receive a bill for the difference at your regular rate.

Getting Started

Popular Questions How do I pay my bill? Did this response save you from having to call or email us? Please contact our customer service representatives for details. Update Your Account When you call for s If you wish to start or stop receiving a return envelope with your bill, call us at in Metro Halifax For this purpose, please provide the following information, including information relating to your last residence in the address fields, and indicate by checking the appropriate box below whether you would like a credit check to be conducted. Examples of cost may include line extensions, metering changes, upgrading existing lines, additional poles, etc.

Send your payment to the address listed above.