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Hook up po angielsku, to hook up with po polsku

Some said he had probably hooked up with a girl.

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Guy's hooked up to life support, some people can't do anything right. John is clearly hooked by the experience of a new high.

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He then comes back a moment later and hooks up with the woman. From then on, I was hooked by the whole idea of it.

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I used to get really hooked on being in love! You might be able to get, like, one computer and your access point to hook up. Seemed like the whole world was hooked up to it.

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That was what got me hooked on being in space. Ann is hooking up with Steve.

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So we want to make all our points while we've got them hooked! You can just hook up or call one of your hooks up po angielsku with benefits. If we could just get the girls hooked too, we'd have good times ahead. I know you can't see him because you're not hooked up.

"hooked up to" po polsku

You'll hook up with another one before you know it. It's not like they can hook up with another show. I hooked up with some cool dogs. I turned around and she hooked it up the back. Can you help me hook my printer to the laptop? How did you two hook up in the first place? I found out he had been hooked for about six months. I hooked the phone to the charger.

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For 19 days her small body was hooked up to life support, before she died. We hooked up during my first year of medical school. She moved into place and hooked up her work line.

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I'm supposed to hook up with the two of them there.