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Istanbul is an amazing city, but way too many people and turists for my liking.

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But I will say that Izmir had more perfect 10's then I think I have seen any where. But these places are choosen in summer by the people.

The two times I traveled there I was a teenager and was stuck with my family, so no advice as far as picking up women, nightlife, etc.

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When I was in Sweden with my brother and a few friends my brother got with a nice tall Swedish-Turkish chick too and they are very good looking as was mentioned on this forum He said the Turkish guys are major haters though. My buddies are not PUA at all and were only interested in siteseeing and experiencing the culture. I definitely got the conservative vibe when I was in Istanbul. I don't think black guys cleaning up, nobody can do it with the local girl s. In my opinion, black guys have a niche market in just about every capital in Europe so it's not really a good indicator for everyone.

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The Turkish men like having their good, wholesome Turkish wives, but then sneak off with their pals on the weekends to the titty bars whore houses that are full of white Eastern European women.

If you have great game or get lucky and some how pull a hook up turkey Turkish woman, you will be incredibly stoked.

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I've only met a handful of Turkish women and they were all hot. Some Turks even celebrate Christmas.

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As many in this hook up turkey mentioned, it's not easy to pick up girls in Italy or Argentinia and Turkey is a muslim country. If you see a lot of British opinions praising the hotel - stay away.

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But there are many Bulgarians and Greeks who look like turkish women, also many many russian and german girls. Lovechild Male Feminist Posts: If you know the right clubs it can be the case. Keep in mind though that Turkish women are not the easiest to game, but amazingly hot, so if your skills are tight it could be worth the chance.