Hook up weight distribution hitch Common Weight Distribution and Sway Control Questions

Hook up weight distribution hitch

When Is Weight Distribution Needed?

The Curt TruTrack has spring-loaded ball bearings that are built into detents in the system head. Accessing the pin and washers can be a bit tedious, but this typically has to be done at initial setup only or if you switch trailers. Then you install and tighten the shank bolt. Shop Blue Ox weight distribution systems. Some manufacturers use specialized spring bars for their systems.

There's no need to use a difficult-to-access pin to obtain your desired tilt.

When you're towing a trailer with a standard rear-mounted hitch, your trailer's tongue weight is transferred to the rear axle of your tow vehicle. As a result, you can quickly and conveniently achieve the proper tilt without ever needing to disassemble the head or keep track of washers. All of the options that are given will have a maximum TW that is greater than the TW you selected.

Tongue Weight TW refers to the tongue weight of your trailer plus the hook up weight distribution hitch of the cargo that sits behind the rear axle of your vehicle. This high-performance weight-distributing hitch offers spring bars with excellent flex, ensuring the load is always evenly distributed, even on rough terrain. The Curt TruTrack is similar to both the dual-cam system - in that it uses integrated active sway control - and the 4-point systems - in that it holds the spring bars taut to help keep the trailer in line.

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The systems that pop up are those that are best for your particular TW. Trailer sway can be caused by crosswinds, poor trailer loading load being too far backor inadequate spring bar tension in the weight distribution system.

Always check the weight rating label that is on the trailer hitch. Dependent sway controls are built into weight distribution systems.

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But before you can choose which of those features you'd like to have, you must determine which size system will work best for your towing setup. Shop Reese Strait-Line weight distribution systems.

What Is Weight Distribution?

Typically, they rely on the downward force of the spring bars to apply frictional resistance to the brackets on both sides of the trailer frame. The traditional washer-style adjustment method lets you adjust the tilt by sliding washers onto a spacer rivet and then inserting the rivet into the head assembly. Typically, these systems rely on a secure connection within the head wherein the spring bars are held tightly in place to ensure adequate tension.

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Instead the bars rest directly on the brackets. Shop custom-fit trailer hitches. An independent friction-style or bar-style sway control bolts onto your trailer frame at one end and hooks up to a small hitch ball that mounts to the system head at the other end.