How soon after dating should you marry Here’s How Long Couples Should Date Before Getting Married

How soon after dating should you marry

I got married 2yrs to the date of meeting.

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Journal of Experimental Psychology: The only predictable of lasting marriage is are the two people on the same level of intention, love, intelligence, acceptance Why even bother right? Add your time frame and voice your opinion on the community boards and in the comments below!

BTW, marriage or no marriage, a break up is the same especially when children are involved. A prenup is worthless.

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Or make you want to die? So the "it's tradition" or "the bible" argument isn't really a justification. So dont get a prenup.

How Long Should You Date Before Getting Married?

Economic Inquiry, 53, Couples enter into relationships at different ages and stages in their lives; however, evaluating how well you know your partner, your relationship certainty, what you're expecting marriage will do to your relationship, and what you see as the current and anticipated quality of a relationship could be more useful ways to judge if it's truly time to take the plunge. A one-size-fits-all time frame for when couples are ready to transition to a how soon after dating should you marry commitment like marriage isn't appropriate.

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Women, if you have money get a prenup. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 12, And is most likely going to end in you losing your home, your money, your future income and your children. Journal of Marriage and Family, 65, That you can lose everything you worked for.

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Submitted by ben on October 29, - 4: Do you understand that if you are male. When a partner is dissimilar from us in a specific way, or has traits that are extreme — "She's super enthusiastic!

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Do you agree or disagree? Of course, the perks are wonderful—but you don't know that until you try it. First comes love, then comes marriage wedging your splintery old high school desk into someone's breakfast nook.

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Wondering whether you're really ready to get married or not? Prior to entering a long-term commitment, consideration of you and your partner's long-term compatibility along the dimensions that connected you could be an important step in identifying potential "fatal attractions.

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