How to find your matchmaking rating league of legends HELLO, FELLOW HUMAN!

How to find your matchmaking rating league of legends

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Again, thanks for the feedback, and if you have any more comments, feel free to air them. I think the problem here is how matchmaking deals with people who duo q with a large mmr difference between them.

Take the example, similar to mine but exaggerated, of a Bronze player who is always matched against Silver players.

how do you find your match making rating?

Hint, it's not a campaign you play to level up in. My post today is in two parts: Again, thanks for all the feedback guys, and anyone who wants to post more is welcome to.

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I saw this point mentioned a lot and I really don't understand. December 25th, The same applies for people who are being matched down, though I doubt they would complain because it is essentially positively skewing their ranking by giving them supposedly easier games. But if the skills of the other players in those games is based on their and your MMR, not rank, you aren't as good as other players at your rank, but others at their MMR.

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Is Dragon attacked or attempted whenever it's up? Just from looking up your last ranked games of all the players on each side, it's clear that the average team elo for both sides is between i.

On MMR and Matchmaking

Your state seems messed up: Clash royale uses an Elo based matchmaking system, not MMR. September 26th, Where exactly are you getting the information that your opponents are of this particular level?

InchLong I understand the first half of what you said, but it seems pretty unlucky that I'm consistently getting paired with players who are ranked far higher than I am despite their relatively low MMR.

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Post as a guest Name. It's hard to win the series like that, even if I win like 25 point per win and lose like per lost. But trust me, he was platinum solo queue.