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Interracial dating in copenhagen

I still do blue collar work.

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Let people live their lives without being judged for their skin. That said I feel that I cannot persuade nor disuade you from coming to Denmark.

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So grab yours opportunity for it is not always going to be given to you. If your hateful ways continue, you are going to get bitten. November 18, at December 21, at 2: I am a woman in her prime - very satisfied with my life. My heart would have smiled a little bit more. Danes are not good at chatting up people they do not know.

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I got a good laugh reading your post today! I changed my mind! September 21, at 3: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Im interracial dating in copenhagen this blog is using the term black, because we all experience a particular form of discrimination. I read your blog some time back and was pleasantly surprised to see the update.

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Thanks for the info! Same treatment WE receive when were residents anywhere.

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Now it would be next to impossible for me to go back to the states. Thank you and, keep your eyes and mind open. I happen to be doing research on life interracial dating in copenhagen of the racist United States of Amerikkka. I never stood out.

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I am glad that your views picked up and I wish you continued success in your life. I'm a friendly, simple person, I love having fun a laugh. Who you are on the inside should be stronger than the next persons outer person. Any other black folks in Dk feel free to knock youselves out: Unlike muslims, who own oil and have spare money to sponsor terrorism, ISIS is a good example.

You are embarrassing the white community.

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Africa is what it is today because the white man could not mind his own business! Having a job will build the social relations you will need, and danes are not more racist than anyone else on the planet. This post is still alive and helpful after 10 years. One can hardly string a sentence in Danish, but works for a multinational.

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One episode was about the Conga and how Leopold came and pretty much did a genocide on the people there, and the city looks very poverty stricken. Danes are like any human being around the world, you find all sorts of humans, the same applies in Denmark. I do not think it would be wise of you to make your decision based on what you have been reading here.

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