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Jehovah dating website, safe and clean online network for jehovah's witnesses?

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Safe and clean online network for Jehovah's Witnesses? I thought it was quite sad that so many women were so desperate.

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We provide all the networking and dating features to totally free-of-charge and there are no ads around. Hi, Am 28 and my first born son is 11 who happens to be a brother and my other daughter is doing very fine spiritually too. I have a positive jehovah dating website attitude towards people!

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It was also a way to get to know them a little bit to see if an actual face to face was warrented. Keep working out your own salvation with fear and trembling Philippians 2: Most of the common questions our users ask are answered here.

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What jehovahs dating website them the right to dictate what we can and cannot do? We do not store, share, or sell any information about your visit to others. Put away falsehood, speak truth Eph 4: This was their act, not mine.

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Religious freedom to suffer in anti-extremist programme? Oooops I forgot Jesus appointed them over all his domestics in Yet many of them are victims of this community, which promises paradise -- but for many, becomes a hell on earth. Gallery View members who have recently uploaded a photo.

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Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word Prov The Watchtower used to say that vaccines were disgusting concoctions of pus and dead animal cells that were injected into you, but eventually over the course of several decades they had changed their minds. The evidence and the scripturesas I understand it, just does not support that.

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Despite their stance against the internet, they forget that there is an awful lot of desperation and chronic lonliness amongst witnesses. April 20, at VitaminJoe Looking for old Bethel Friends.

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What are their beliefs? It's only their purple plastic nametags that give them away: Fans View members who have favourited your profile. Please don't misuse it to flag views or opinions that you simply disagree with.