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Low iq dating, 2. they have a more critical perspective of life

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White Woman Expelled From College and Facing Hate Crime Charge After Harassing Black Roommate

By continuing, your consent is assumed. OkCupid Dating website OKCupid has come under the spotlight from a mental health charity for an "offensive" question about whether people with a low IQ should be allowed to procreate. It just doesn't work very well when women try to date guys who aren't on their level. Do overweight people annoy you?

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In my experience men are generally IMO more tolerant of less intellectual partners. May 6, No eye-rolling and certainly no contempt.

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Have you ever seen that show? If the contempt isn't there, it's probably not that big of a deal.

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I have a PhD in Philosophy and and am a family doctor. Originally Posted by jsgoddess I know three couples where the brains are largely on one side, two where the man is smarter, one where it's the woman.

1. They learn quickly

I think this would be a more common problem for men, then women, as intelligence positively correlates with the financial success and social savvy that many women desire in their men, but such factors aren't such a killer edge for women, what with them being judged more heavily than men on beauty and youthfulness. They'd never say it to my face, but I've gotten the impression that both of them would have happily traded a few of my IQ points for an ability to to perform basic household repairs without having to take me to the emergency room and call in a professional to fix what I had started.

I don't have high physical standards, but I do have very high intellectual standards. Religion TV reporter mispronounces 'allahu akbar' — and gives it very different meaning.

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My wife and I get along fine in spite of my being a super intelligent Godlike leader also capable of marvelous feats of dexterity; like opening doors. I underestimated the importance of intelligence to healthy and productive arguing. I feel that men, who in our society place higher value on looks are less likely to care if a partner needs to be coddled.

And some geeky guys seek this out because they need someone to help them in this way. Originally Posted by Manda JO I don't think a relationship can survive contempt, and a large discrepancy in intellect is likely, but not inevitably, a source of contempt. Originally Posted by Dereknocue Many people with a high IQ are low iq dating.

The idea of gay and lesbian couples having children is: But are these questions creating a place on the internet where holding offensive opinions is perfectly okay?

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I am a poor Italian peasant girl at heart. They can break things low iq dating easier and focus on lesser and smaller parts of a picture. And of, course, having other stuff in common is good too, and an academic disparity doesn't prevent that. Although each of us still thinks the other is dumber than a whole sack of rocks.