Matchmaking muslim singapore Dating agency organises session for Muslim parents to matchmake their offspring

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Last seen 8 days ago Seeks friends, Last seen 5 days ago Seeks a lady, Maybe they will have the same expectations as us. Madam Rose, who is married to a retired matchmaking muslim singapore driver and matchmaking muslim singapore at an aerospace firm, says: This is why she makes it a point to share tips with parents on how they can try and understand their offspring better, so that their adult children might be more open to meeting people through their parents.

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Last seen 3 days ago Seeks a lady, Her husband, crane operator Rashid Kassim, 56, will also be attending the event. She is looking for a potential match for the eldest of her three children, Ms Malia Noor, whom she feels is "ready" to get married.

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Sefina 31 "Good Communication! A rare match-making event targeted at Muslim parents seeking spouses for their offspring will take place on Saturday morning.

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Last seen 5 hours ago Seeks a guy, Ali 28 "Love doesn't need to be perfect just need to be true" Singapore, Singapore Singaporean - Muslim. The latest such app to hit smartphones has its eye on a niche clientele - Muslim singles. Register now and start browsing profiles. Organised by dating agency Clique2click, the event is known by the official name First Muslim Parental Matchmaking in Singapore.

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Last seen 8 days ago Seeks marriage, Reena 36 "Are you the one to make me the only one? Last seen 10 days ago Seeks a lady, If I have a connection with another family, it will probably be because they are friendly. Last seen 19 days ago Seeks marriage, From what I have heard from my Muslim friends, they are quite open to parents introducing possible life partners to them.

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But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Last seen yesterday Seeks marriage, Last seen 28 days ago Seeks marriage, Nor 36 "Hang di mana my khalifah? Last seen 10 days ago Seeks marriage, Last seen 16 days ago Seeks friends, I've gone on dates through dating app Tinder before, but on Tinder, you don't know the other person's religion," says Ms Astika, a customer service professional whose last romantic relationship was four years ago.

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