Micron gauge hook up Micron gauge hook up

Micron gauge hook up

Results 1 to 13 of 25 Thread: Building Science Discussions Pro's Forum: If I put new oil in now and run the pump the same period of time, am I safe?

Is the valve on my pump leaking? How can I hook it up with only a 3 hose manifold?

Charging hoses, including environmental hoses, still permeate. When you got that set you valve it off again and reinsert the core remover and reinstall your core.

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Our suggestion is to pull a system down to microns only if you are also pulling a vacuum on the compressor. On the high side I just hook the high side manifold hose. Sometimes moisture can be trapped in the oil of the compressor and when it escapes it will show up in the gauge.

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I lost my instructions about soaking the sensor in alcahol and now I am not sure how. Beyond permeation, where the hose ferrule is crimped to the hose, represents a potential leak under vacuum.

The micron gauge hook up now is Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure Building Physics Rule 3: Without a micron gauge we do not know if the oil in the pump is clean.

How to hook up micron gauge? Some techs use a port away from the pump to get more accurate readings.

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I don't have a micron gauge so I leave the pump on the system for two to four hours, is this enough? I would get a thermal engineering analog micron guage-they are dependable.

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I have ball valves and quick connects too. Back to top 8.

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Assuming that you are pulling on the high and low side of the system, did you remove the access valve cores? Then off the side of this same tool I connect my low guage hose to the manifold. Leaving the cores in creates a big restriction and causes your vaccum to take a longer time to evacuate.

It's a heavy set-up but everything is right there and handy. Subscribe to this feed.

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Don't buy a supco micron gauge, I did and I tried every possible combination and never got good readings, I finally gave up and bought another brand. The supco vg60 can install inline. I like the ones that give you readings up into the 20, I like to see how the vacuum is coming along. Eventually, this will equalize out and give the same reading. If you have multiple ports at the vacuum pump install it there with a cap on one side of the gauge. Many technicians do this for ease of hook-up, but remember with this set up you are actually reading what the pump is doing and not what the pump is doing to the system.

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Oil should be changed after every job and should only be changed when the oil is still hot. Do you take thing apart or just dunk the bottom part into a tub of alc.? How low of a vacuum should I micron gauge hook up Thanks air1 for the advice. Oh, and I use low permeation hoses too, they're nice.

I also use this manifold set I have my core removal tool, quick charge, and vac gauge hook up all mounted too. Air or moisture can be trapped in one side of the system and will eventually let go and therefore a higher reading on the micron gauge will occur.

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