Online dating for ravers Single Ravers Now Have Their Own Online Dating Site,

Online dating for ravers

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It requires you to give the app permission to post to your wall too, so have fun explaining that one to your Aunt Cathy, with whom you are still inexplicably Facebook friends with, when you see her this Thanksgiving. August 1, by: September 10, by: So I made a fake profile, found a girl who was hot but not unbelievably so, added some fake friends, liked a few mainstream EDM artists in order to maximize my matches, put some Marilyn Monroe and Fake Drake quotes in my profile and I was ready to go. A Man, 29 Seattle, Washington. If you feel this kwinky sewer water hookup cost community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the Raver Dating Community and dating for ravers meeting others like you.

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A Man, 43 Savannah, Georgia. The main idea of this app is to find dating for ravers to meet up with at concerts and festivals that have similar musical taste as you.

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A Man, 28 Los Angeles, California. September 6, dating festival hookup mixd tinder Views. After all, this is how people date nowadays, or so I hear.

Look through our other kwinks and search something specific! Send messages, share photos, make friends and date. The app matches you with people who will be at the same events as you and share similar favorite artists. A Man, 22 Fort Hood, Texas.

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A 'Kwink' is the specific trait that defines you. My cynical spidey-sense is tingling!

A Man, 26 Portland, Oregon. A Man, 26 Peoria, Arizona.

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It seems like people are downloading this app, making their profile, and then abandoning it after realizing what a joke it is. That, along with a brief personality assessment, would yield a much better matching system.

Reserved for financial institution use. Now that EDM has become one of the biggest cash cows in the world across countless platforms, it seems only natural that there would be an app for festival and concert goers to find their own rave bae: Over Arrested at Nocturnal Wonderland in California.

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A Woman, 25 Louisville, Kentucky. Hayley Maher Do not write, stamp, or sign below this line. A Man, 33 Omaha, Nebraska.

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The only type of people I can see using this app is someone who is going to a festival and wants to hook up with someone afterwords.

Join the Raver Dating Community and stop using generic dating sites! They should just remove that part of the app altogether and have it just be an app for music lovers that matches you based on favorite artists.

This is completely unacceptable for a generation that is used to swiping through a seemingly endless pool of profiles on Tinder, and I doubt that many people will have any patience for it. A Man, 32 Moses Lake, Washington.

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Then comes the liking of pages, and what I feel the biggest flaw the app has: