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Owens-illinois glass company dating

After the diamond was omitted.

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He subsequently invented a series of bottle making machines which his company sold to other bottle makers, besides using them in their own factories. Between 0 and c. The company had four other factories: The factory numbers did not change after the merger.

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On a diamond-less mark, the number should be added to The mold number was located under the mark. I think that the system was begun at Owens because of the number of 2s, 3s, 4, and 6s which we find on Owens glass in the left position.

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Preload Auto Metadata None. If one adds the date number tothe total was the date of manufacture. With the exception of returnable-refillable beer and soda bottles, most of this glass was not supposed to survive its single use. Edit Image Document Preview.

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The factory number was on the left and the date number was on the glass company dating. By the s one machine could make bottles per hour!

Add alternate sources for maximum HTML5 playback: View attachment page Edit more details Delete Permanently. The factory dates are as follows: Possibly the company thought more of its products because every bottle was marked with a factory and date number on the bottom.

Unfortunately they sometimes reversed the factory and date positions, so the practice was not very systematic between and Align Left Center Right None. Maximum upload file size: Michael Owens learned glass making in Wheeling.