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Pregnant girlfriend dating someone else

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How can I get her to realize that I truely do love her and convince her to come back to me? But I don't believe that I forced her to do anything. Join Date Jun Posts 4, This is what happened.

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She stated that I pinned her against the shower wall forced her to have sex with me and tore the shower curtain down in the process. The time now is I still don't know how a man can date another woman when he already has one pregnant and how a woman can date a man who is having a child with someone else as she does know about it.

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And is hurting me and my unborn child. We were not able to focus on the positive things it just always seemed to be about how miserable she was. How can she go from wanting to spend the rest of her life with me to pregnant girlfriend dating someone else What's even more ironic is that his wife also works at the same place and we are really good friends!

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What should I do? Well one day we got into a fight and when I came home from work her and all of her belongings were gone.

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I'm glad you've been able to post here and I hope you will feel well supported by us at Netmums Given what you're going through it's no wonder that you've been sad and angry Anon; this is an incredibly difficult situation to be in. They said that they were unsure of the cause of her pain and This is driving me absolutely crazy.

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You may be better off without him, but your family and you cant fill the shoes of the childs father. We are both now married. Setting up child support is just the responsible thing to do.

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Originally Posted by Scott G I imagine it was very hard dating for 13 years old hear that he is now dating someone else.

Becoming her best friend is essential if you want to play a key role in your child's life. It wasnt that I didn't care that she wasnt feeling good because I did care very much.

And boom at 6 months he leaves and is with someone else we text everyday but i genuinely hate him for what he has done.

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There we times that we would have an argument and I would yell but I was never degrading to her or called her names. When I returned home I had dozens of messages from him telling me how much he loved me and missed me and was ready to make it official but I told him it was over.

I was trying to be understanding of her as well but could not help how I was feeling. She started having a lot of abdominal pains and we went to the hospital to find out what was going on.