Range hookup Installation Options for Ranges

Range hookup

Make sure that you have adequate utility connections in the space where you are installing the gas range.

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Understanding the differences between free-standing, slide-in and drop-in installations for GE ranges will help you make the best choice for your kitchen. This would be a guaranteed leak.

If there is enough space to install the circuit breaker, skip to the next step.

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Or, refer to the manufacturer. Leave several feet or more of the range cable in this area. Aluminum wire can cost a great deal less than copper and works as well as range hookup when installed correctly.

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Hooking up a gas range or water heater is a relatively simple job requiring just basic tools and readily available supplies. Using tape can interfere with this seal. The 4-condutor rule applies only to installation of new receptacles.

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Check for proper wiring. Do NOT use Teflon tape on these threads. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. The tang must be engaged first, and then pressed onto the bus bar in the center of the panel. This configuration calls for a 4-condcutor power cord that has a separate ground wire that connects to the ground screw on the appliance.

Determine what Range Installation Style is Right For You

A gas leak in your home can be fatal. Just remove the short lengths of pipe and fittings, as shown in Photos 2 and 3, clean the threads, apply new Teflon tape to the threads, and reconnect the entire assembly exactly as it was before.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Stainless steel or coated brass connectors are the only type of flexible connectors sold these days, and the only type you can safely and legally use.

How to hook up a gas range

Free-Standing Ranges This range type is the most common and the simplest to install. Pull out the range, and shut off the gas range hookup see also Photo 2. The main circuit breaker panel box is made so each circuit breaker next to each other is on a separate line.

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The black and red conductors will land in the gold terminals it does not matter which of these two conductors land in the left or right gold terminalsthe white conductor will land into the silver terminal and the uninsulated conductor will land in the green terminal.