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Anyone remotely close to Columbia SC self.

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I remember reading that undercover police do use drugs and are given hazard pay for this. My problem my old contacts no longer live in my city.

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But as cool as they are, buying a teeny-tiny bubbler built solely for smoking oil is pretty excessive to start out. I point this out to him and he says, "No problem, let's just wait a minute. It's always better to be able to pick up personally as if anything sketchy happens you can deal with it yourself. Few years back I got hooked up on a roadtrip this way. Pm me" on there with my approximate location on and it took a good 6 hours, but I found a new connection. When you find the source, provided they weren't tucked away somewhere super discreet it'd be hookup to stumble down an alley looking for someone, but if they're passing it in a gazebo, fair game then explain your situation and ask to buy some off them.

But if you are relying on your acquaintance until you find a direct source and this acquaintance thinks he needs something for being middleman offer to smoke him out rather than having to pay him more.

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I waited and watched for a little while to see if anything was going on. Every weed dealer was offering the kush and fast downtown delivery. Complain with your wallet. We picked a dealer selling kush downtown and called.

Order a pizza for delivery and ask the driver. During the order, online in delivery or additional instructions boxordering over the phone? It's infinitely more efficient than smoking BHO over a bowl. A small time dealer will walk up to you to sell if, based on your appearance, they think they can sell weed to you. Originally Posted by blindsRobber unexpectedly funny. How To Inhale Properly. I didn't see my name mentioned until the end, but I saw the headline and decided to check it out.

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Remember, dealers are only as threatening and intimidating as you hookup them out to be save the obviously violent ones, who you should not do business with. Colorado, Washington, Netherlands, Spain.

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As always, be on the lookout for new dealers. In parts of Asia, sometimes people ask the taxi drivers. Send a private message to blindsRobber. The dealer calls out from down the street and says "Alright he's gone, it's cool. Befriending dealers is the best as you get a new hookup and awesome deals on real dank!

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You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! We can estimate, sure, but weed density varies heavily and what is 2g in my stash can look like 1g from your stash. How to score weed thru the internet. Resale is an option, and a quick search on Craigslist for "oil rig" alone brings up more than fifty pieces. Nor can you ask staff or members to buy some hookup. Even easier, just ask a cab driver if he knows where you can buy pot.

The most important rule for your first time with a new dealer and after reading 6 years of stories, actually most dealers is: So I drive to her apartment. Find Threads Started by KlaSuu. Even if you have one possible hookup in the making, continue to network and ask around as hookups often fall through with new ar ar dating method. Its a little sketchy, but it is usually effective. One of the best places to check is in the comments section at the bottom of the page.