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Reddit dating in your 30s

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We'll alternate visiting each other's houses so there's equal investment of travel time, adjusting for child care schedules. And being someone who doesn't do that actually seems to be more attractive to women.

I'm almost in my late 30s. People are far less willing to go through the motions and continue dating someone with whom they don't think things will work long term.

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Long story short, we got married and have two kids and a third on the way. When i say no she goes and datings in your 30s herself at him basically.

What about them, exactly?

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Also be aware that you'll have dealings with the father at some point should that arise. What helped my confidence was discovering that the pretty girl can't necessarily go up to that guy who looks ridiculously perfect and get what she wants as I assumed because quality guys are in short supply, but there are A LOT of quality, attractive women.

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There wasn't just a gulf of divide between me and my "peers", there was a Grand Canyon between us. Not bad, just different babysitters, parent swapping, less free time. Additionally, the older they get the less time they have for games.

Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Every single mom on tinder also has "loves jesus" in their profile. Fuck peer pressure, whether it's from strangers or friends or significant others. Ask these people, "Where have you been? If I met a thirtysomething who was a great match for my humor, outlook, and interests, I'd be in intrigued pursuit.

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Usually if you're single in your 30s, you've been through some heartbreak and a certain amount of bullshit will follow you around.

Just do you and if you stumble across someone you mesh well with, work it out from there.

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From that vantage point, you can date all the 20s and 30s girls you want from a position of abundance and confidence. I'm in a related industry to yours post productionso many guys are also financially immature in the sense they don't have much savings. How to learn to share feelings and stuff like that, sharing space, how to get along with someone, and ultimately falling in and out of love.