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Property Top tips for buying a home in Singapore. There are water coolers for you to drink up in case you can't find any shop. Music and Nightlife 30 things to do in Singapore in November Whoever said there was no such a thing as a free lunch needs to read more of our articles. This place is so different from the normal places that our children go to that when they arrive, they will think they are out of Singapore. Atom Comics is more than just a shop - it is a gathering place for people united in the love for comics.

HoneyTalks The scoop on the handbag that weighs less than a bottle of water.

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Dance along to the party music while you're at it! The more experienced can try the cycling route at Pulau Ubin that leads to nature haven Chek Jawa. Instead, go see a real live play or musical. Even though this isn't about death, spending time in the place that we have come from, nature, may be an appealing option to some. The Singapore Buddhist Lodge: The Perfect Xiaolongbao Gong Cha: Hello Honey Living life wide awake: It was so fun, and it still holds true today.

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You can always singapore cheap dating places them. Ultimately, the trick is to always tailor and personalise your date to your date's taste - make sure you take note of all the little details. Younger Skin In 10 Days Watsons: Marina Bay Sands light show, cheap date idea for romantic fun on a budget.


Go to Marina Bay Sands on a wekeend night and find yourself a spot facing the Shoppes. Dress up and look the part! Play Jenga Question Roulette This one is a fun one and can easily be played at home. Moving to Singapore How much does owning a car really cost in Singapore? Start your little adventure at Tekka Centre with a stomach full of authentic thosai and teh tarik, Tekka Centre houses a food centre, wet market and every little nitty gritty thing you can think of! The 10 Types of Guys you'll meet in Singapore Clubs.

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It was a pity, though, that with our tight budget as students, we often had to come to a compromise on the events we could go for, though we were always spoilt for choice. Be A Tourist Together Abandon the family car. Stroll along the Changi coastline and bask in the glorious sunset as you whip out your camera to capture the moment at the westernmost portion of the boardwalk. Write an Article My Drafts. Finally, the last three Merlions are heartlander Merlions.

Check out the photojournal from when we visited Sisters Islands earlier this year here. It was indeed a very peaceful park to be at.

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I wanted to be away from the hustling and bustling city lives and headed here for a fresh air. As an animal lover, this cause is close to my heart because it pains me whenever I hear about cases of helpless or abandoned animals. Declare A Surprise Day Plan a surprise activity each. It was to catch a recital by my music teacher, and having heard that the place was once a site for parliamentary meetings, my inquisitive mind just could not help conjuring up images of government officials deep in debate in this refurbished concert hall all throughout the recital.