Skill based matchmaking ghosts MODERATORS

Skill based matchmaking ghosts

I'm just roaming around TDM maps running these three perks, with a silencer, my own IED's, and just nailing people over and over hearing them coming all the time. How do you define skill? Where is mercenary moshpit?

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May 20, Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Nov 20, And what I have seen so far is not imagination by any means. Sometimes the worse players are harder to play against though just because they do unpredictable shit and sit in obscure spots for 5 minutes waiting for someone to sprint by them.

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COD has gotten worse but I'm starting to believe the community has gotten skill based matchmaking ghosts at an even faster pace. I've noticed no pattern about who eventually ends up in our games, but it takes longer to find a game than any CoD I've played yet.

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You don't have a bunch of unicums on one team and a bunch of tomatoes on the other. A random system is hard to game like that. Separate names with a comma. So there's that unquantifiable factor.

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And with that, I haven't seen to many pre-game lobbies 'fill' with solo people slowly lingering in. At least this guy is honest. It could be me but it could also just be the teammates.

Or it's possible that the difference I perceived over time was purely due to the map packs and player base fragmentation, with me having no map packs not coming up against people who had the map packs, and presumably those with map packs are stronger on average than players who have no map packs.

The problem then is that it would drop me into a game in progress that was a typical shit storm.

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Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. They also completely missed what the point of skill-based matchmaking was supposed to be. No way Like last night.

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Me and my friends all. This is what skill based mm really does in reality: