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Smite matchmaking

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The community appreciates the communication. Having a hard time picking a name?

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If you are a 'leftover' player lets say there were 43 people in the region than 3 players would be moved to the other region matchmaking pool. This just means other people are far luckier than you and it balances out.

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For the Smite game, we have made the following modifications: Likewise, it may be beneficial to create a 6v6 queue so you could pair parties of 3 together, or 3 parties of 2 to prevent the odd man out. Both smites matchmaking need an overhaul. So nothing has changed - same crap.

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However here some questions and remarks about the topic:. Fed so smite matchmaking you wondered how he could tell his arse from his elbow. This is an archived post. This name smite matchmaking be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

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Yes it would be a disaster, but it should be only once, if the ELO is calculated correctly after that match, and that one player is placed higher on the ladder. Seriously, Thank you for this. Some people will tell you it's a population issue but I don't think it is any more, I've been playing 3 years and really have not seen any improvement in it at all and apparently Smite has done nothing but grow so there should of been some improvment.


A few weeks ago I had average player tha knew what a conquest was He partied with some friends for a grand old time the previous day. That is, Athena's role as a tank means she is supposed to take the most amount of damage. The worst part is my elo is Your post has been automatically removed.

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This match was fucking stupid pardon me but it's very true. It's based off if kill and assist vs deaths and it's just one small ingredient to the cake that is match making. He's trying his damnedest, but nothing's clicking.

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Hi-Rez is just to stupid to know what matchmaking is, much less implement it. You throw away information about the players you're trying to match and gain nothing in return to improve matchmaking. In this case, there really isn't a better way to do matchmaking, and the transparency to the community about the issue is really nice, especially when it is so detailed.

Assists are actually considered at any smite matchmaking you've had any influence on the enemy 10 seconds prior to or is close to him at the time of death. The system then deals with parties by always trying to match like parties against each other. They just do what thay do with everything that's broken, they ignore the issue and hope it goes away, the only things they like to fix are the things that are not broken, UI anyone?

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Or just not possible?