Stand up comedy online dating 'Dating disaster made me a comedy success': Why one singleton became a stand-up

Stand up comedy online dating

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Will it be a tasteful peck? Being a dating failure had made me a comedy success. These sort of comedy nights for beginners are held all over the country. So how did I go from sad singleton to comedy wannabe?

But this time the joke wouldn't be on me, it would be on the men who hadn't been up to the mark. I'm in control of my singleton status rather than it controlling me like it has done in the past.

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It all began back in April. Being a single woman in your 30s can become a bit of a chore.

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With her physical comedy gifts, Iliza Shleshinger perfectly pantomimes in the most skulking way how you feel about society's gendered pressure to make you eat salad on a date. Yes my heart pounded but not just because the attention was on me but because I felt like I'd set myself free. I'd do exactly what I used to do at those dinner parties: Were the jokes too rude?

At the end the applause felt like a huge wave of approval. But while I'd reel off the tales, inside I would be cringing and judging myself. There was only one way to find out and I signed up for a night. I've realised that there's nothing better than turning a night getting rejected on a dating website into a room full of giggles and applause.

Not just for what I'd said and how I'd delivered it but for me.

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And when the laughs thank goodness came the thrill was out of this world. Nine lunchtime open mic slots at the Edinburgh Fringe were given to me in August. And my new hobby had an added bonus.

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That friends came and saw me and told me I was good and that strangers laughed at my jokes was amazing. While some women might have tried therapy, settled for Mr Right Now or kept moaning, I have tried something completely different: Suddenly, instead of just having a trail of dating disaster tales, I had a stock of joke material. Only time will tell. I'd spent the whole day practising at home, looking in the mirror at my facial expressions as I told each stand up comedy online dating.

Sure, it was a different time; today, we recognize that you're barely an adult at that age.

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It dawned on me that having a boyfriend would spoil all this as it would stop me having things to speak about Jenny Stallard After all I'd done the research, I reasoned with myself. Could comedy end up being a bit like dating where all I seemed to do was set myself up for judgment and failure? Moving to the place with the fake number. It's still utterly surreal to be able to tell people I performed there.

I'm taking steps towards a level of confidence I haven't felt in all my 36 years.

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But in between the terror, in that moment just before I went on stage, I also felt the most incredible excitement. All hail the queen of self-deprecating humor.

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And so I'm signing up for stand up comedy online dating mic evenings across London, working on new jokes and, yes, going on dates to keep the material coming. Particularly unfortunate is when said person tattoos an expletive before your name.

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Slipping someone the fake number is the oldest trick in the book to sorta let someone down easily. When everyone laughed again at my jokes I felt like a superstar. Other than the scourge of having to put on pants and the mild annoyance of having to make small talk, one of the many reasons not to go out on a date is the very real potential of the person turning out to be Jack the Ripper reincarnated.