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Select as Most Helpful Opinion? The exact same thing is happening to me. From a religious stand pont you are members of a common family group but you are not related by step cousins dating.

None of the families know about it. Is it okay to date my step-dad's cousin?

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You know what my good buddy Nike once told me? My mom and dad started to step cousins dating each other and began to date. Wow, imagine being attracted to a person that you were not related to until your Mother married her Uncle You won't be able to vote or comment. DatingFamilyTeenage.

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We are not blood related in any way, but our families are connected. Step By Step Audio Program.

Obviously ur not related at all do what u want. I know this is a weird question but after my grandpas my moms dad wife passed away he remarried another woman my step grandma and they're trying to set me up with my step cousin my step grandmas daughters son we both think its a little weird even though he thinks i'm very pretty but my whole family The only problem you will have is more then likely your family not understanding.

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So to marry your step cousin is not really a good choice. I met my step cousin this Thanksgiving, at first we just hung out a bit with her brothers, but when we all had to leave she asked for my KIK.

I know it's not bad.

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Already have an account? Announcements Board Help speed dating chester Feedback. I mean, even if there were, if there had been no adoption whatsoever, would it really be wrong to date a step-cousin.

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The reason this intermarriage thing got started is that science found that by mixing family blood, it often resulted in birth defects in the children. I am in lover with my step cousin.

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I don't know how i'll take the next step in dating. As long as if you aren't blood-related There's only man who i will allow to judge me.


Or listen to my family. If all this is right, then it is right, anything which will marr this relationship should be examined closely by you two. Is this what the bible says using the word "Incest" or are you adding to the word.