Things to know about dating someone with adhd Six Secrets to a Happy ADHD Relationship

Things to know about dating someone with adhd

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I feel like a slave always cleaning up while he just sits on his playstation, littering the floors with wrappers of junk food. How do you make him explain his frustrations? They just know I feel a certain way and therefore I react one way only.

Explain him cleaning is important for him to be productive, and relax ask him to do some meditation, walk or light excersice in the morning.

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Bickering, competing, and criticizing are habits that are harmful to a loving relationship. Often you find yourself thinking, what happened to the person I fell in love with? Only with understanding could I have helped myself heal from the wounds of an ADD person.

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I love her but I doubt she will every understand my pain. My guess is checking Facebook or trying to even out my eyeliner.

Are you married to him, or have children? Hi all, I have been married for 23 years to the love of my life. I am in a relationship with an ADHD guy and even if it is hard, I have to say that he made me the happiest I ever was.

It can be exciting to be in a relationship with a person with an ADHD brain.

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The rope stays strong and supportive as you both reach and climb upward together. One thing he never does is make it seem like there is something wrong with me. Tell me what I can do to be a better partner for you.