War matchmaking explained Matchmaking

War matchmaking explained

For friendly clan wars, 5 vs 5 is also possible.

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War matchmaking explained Firstly I am not affiliated with supercell and do not have access to game code; just a simple CofC rainman who is unsatisfied with matchmaking. This is the day when clans prepare their defenses, gather information about, and start making plans against the opposing clan.

I've got a pretty good idea what that is, but I'll talk about that later.

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If multiple attacks give equal stars, the attack with the highest destruction rate is considered the best attack. However, after an opponent has been found, the clan war cannot be cancelled.

War matchmaking explained

Each participant can attack twice during the battle day. My main concern is that our top guy is levelclose to a maxed out TH As Ive war matchmaking explained explained, Clash of Clans isnt a precise strategy game. Actually I think posting the analysis you did is more helpful than anything SC can do because it helps the rest of us understand the issue so to deal with it.

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In the posters' case, I surmise that he has some very strong players and very weak players. It is yours and only yours to keep if your clan wins the war. Yet we emplore you, don't just stop with the Calculator!

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On the war matchmaking explained hand, Supercell does make some extra profit from it so its hard to tell when they will. So, running mixed strength squads can be just as problematic as it was before and can be responsible for many of your poorly matched matches whether you are in the squad or a random paired against it.

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September 8th, 1. The winner will be determined by the total stars earned by the clan, which is always on display at the top of the war map during the battle day.

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Preparation and battle days will be extended by the amount of time the server is under maintenance. Guide to Clan Wars matchmaking in Clash of Clans. One thing is for certain, however:

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