Yamaha jet ski water hook up How to Flush a Yamaha Jet Ski

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Rev the engine several times while flushing the system with freshwater for between three and five minutes. If you don't see a hose adapter, jet ski water hook up one may not have been installed yet. Take off the seat and it's a red hose with a black cap right next to the battery box you just take off the cap and you have to buy the flush adapter from a dealer.

Do yourself a favor and buy the genuine Mikuni kits, many people have bought the off-brand kits and had problems. With water, the safe maximum run time is maybe 2 minutes. A lot of these products can be bought from a local auto parts store or boating supplies store.

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Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Allow the engine to cool down before flushing.

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Spray another little shot of fogging oil in, the engine bogs down, and then it picks back up. Not a member yet?

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Originally Posted by stlouisramsfan. This is a great place with some really great people on here. Jet Ski Boarding Steps.

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Does any one have any manuals for the carbs or know were to get a rebuild kit at. Your pump bearings, thru-hull bearing, and driveshaft seals will start getting hot when run out of the water, and the hose water will not cool them.

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Once the engine is idling again, stop it. Ensure that you take them seriously and follow their instructions.

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Boat Service and Repair. Am I on the right track or not.

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Tilt the PWC back on its trailer. You can safely run your ski for up to maybe 30 seconds without any water whatsoever. Take pride in your ride and maintain it right - in return it will provide you with a long time of good riding This procedure is also very applicable to those who ride in fresh water - there are still many contaminants in fresh water that can harm your ride.

All text shared under a Creative Commons License. The pump is working find but the carbs are not working now. Flushing a hot engine can cause small stress cracks in the cylinder due to the differential expansion between the aluminum cylinder and iron liner.

Running jet ski out of water

I see a hose that has a connection were the garden hose can connect to. Yamaha Waverunner Water Hose that you put over the waverunner and hook the water hose to run a water hose through a waverunner. This procedure described above IS NOT for long term storage - this is simply a procedure to keep your PWC healthy for a few days while it sits out of the water. Answer this question Flag as Remember, this is your PWC and its your money tied up in its ownership. Do not turn on the water.

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Yamaha PWC Performance 2-stroke.